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  • Bone Straight Closure - Bone Straight Hair Closure

    Bone Straight Closure is a Virgin Human Hair Closure made with a transparent HD lace to give you that finest natural look ever. It is a premium quality 100% Virgin Human Hair Closure. It blends natural with your scalp and cannot be detected that you are wearing a Closure. This Bone Straight Hair Closure is long lasting. It does not shed nor tangle. It is...

    ₦ 28,000 ₦ 33,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Deep Curls 100% Virgin Human Hair Closure
    Virgin Hair

    Deep Curls Virgin Closure is a Virgin Closure that's made with 100% raw Virgin Human Hairs. It is also made with quality lace net to ensure that it doesn't tear even after multiple uses. This Deep Curl Closure is long lasting and will serve you for  more than 3 years. The Closure does not shed and does not tangle. The knots are bleached already to blend...

    ₦ 35,000
  • Argentine Curl 100% Virgin Human Hair Closure
    Virgin Hair

    Argentine Curl Closure is 100% Virgin Human hair closure and comes with illusion or baby hairs for that alluring natural look when fixed. This closure is very full and have very good texture. The knots are already bleached to match the scalp and therefore blend in naturally. This Curly closure is very durable and can be used over and over again for many...

    ₦ 22,000 ₦ 26,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Curly Frontal for Pissy, Diamond curls, etc
    Virgin Hair

    This Curly Frontal is a Double Drawn Frontal and it is suitable for most of the funmi curls like Pissy, Diamond Pixie Curls, Fabulous Curls, etc. The Frontal is 100% Human hair Frontal Closure with illusion hairs which makes it look natural when fixed. The Frontal knots are bleached to match your scalp and blend in naturally. These Frontal closures last...

    ₦ 50,000 ₦ 55,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Pixie Curls Closure - 100% Virgin Double Drawn Pixie Closure
    Virgin Hair

    Do you want to buy a quality Pixie Curls closure that will blend with your own hair to give you that awesome natural look? We have the answer! Our Pixie Closure is a Super Double Drawn 100% Virgin Human hair closure and is easily blendable to create a gorgeous appearance. It is of premium quality. And it doesn't shed one bit! This is the best solution to...

    ₦ 35,000 ₦ 40,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Magic Bouncy Curls 100% Virgin Hair Closure
    Virgin Hair

    Achieve that awesome natural look with our Magic Bouncy Curls Closure. It is 100% Virgin Human Hair closure with illusion hairs which make your Hair look so natural when fixed. This is a Super Double Drawn Closure and is suitable for most Bouncy Curls Human Hairs Extensions and Wigs. The Closure knots are bleached to match your scalp and blend in...

    ₦ 30,000
  • Hairporium Straight 100% Virgin Hair Frontal
    Virgin Hair

    You'll love the way you look with Hairporium Straight Virgin Hair Frontal. Our Frontal Lace Closure is made of 100% Virgin Human Hairs. It is top quality to ensure you have that awesome natural look that can't be distinguished from your natural hair. It lasts lifetime with good maintenance. It does not shed nor tangle. If you want to buy any 100% Virgin...

    ₦ 45,000 ₦ 49,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Hairporium Wavy 100% Virgin Human Hair Frontal - Body...

    Give your hair a new natural look with this luxurious and awesome Hairporium Wavy Full Frontal. This handmade 100% human hair closure is made from soft and silky virgin human hair. It is pre-plucked, bleached knots to give you that natural hairline so it blends perfectly with your real hair. It is easy to maintain, durable and tangle free. If you want to...

    ₦ 45,000 ₦ 49,000 -₦ 4,000
  • Hairporium Curly 100% Virgin Hair Frontal - Deep Curly...
    Virgin Hair

    If you are looking for the best, most beautiful, natural hair – look no more. The Hairporium Deep Curly frontal is 100% virgin human hair that is smooth, tangle-free, shed free, and versatile. The Deep Curly Frontal closure is pre-plucked at the knots so it is ready to be attached directly to your own hair. It can be permed, curled, flat ironed, washed...

    ₦ 55,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Hairporium 100% Virgin Curly Closure
    Virgin Hair

    The Hairporium 100% Virgin Curly closure is of the most natural quality available. Made from 100% Virgin Human hair, it can be easily styled using heat, water and a little bit of styling product. The hair is soft and silky, which makes it easier to handle and gives you a similar feel to that of your own hair. This closure will blend in naturally with your...

    ₦ 9,000 ₦ 12,000 -₦ 3,000

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