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  • Super Double Drawn Straight Wig

    Super Double Drawn Wig a luxurious Lace Wig. It's made with 100% Virgin Human Hair. The Wig is premium Quality Wig and has awesome texture and lustre. Wig: Wig  Easy to Maintain. Hair Style: Straight Hair Does not tangle No shedding  No smell 100% quality guaranteed

    ₦ 185,000 ₦ 200,000 -₦ 15,000
  • Electric Hair Straightener For Straightening Human Hair...

    Get your Electric Hair Straightener from Hairporium for straightening your Human Hair Extensions and Wigs. It also serves as a Hair Brush. It is a ceramic straightening Brush. More Details:  It Heats up fast 60 Minutes Auto  Shut-Off (shut off automatically after 60 minutes of not being used) An LCD screen that displays the temperature  Adjustable...

    ₦ 5,000 ₦ 7,000 -₦ 2,000
  • Super Double Drawn Diamond Pixie Curls Hair
    Virgin Hair

    Are you looking for an exclusive, fabulous and effortless hair style that will surely make you stand out from the rest of ladies? Then look no further because Diamond Pixie Curls which is 100% Virgin Human Hair is just the right type of hair for you. While there are a lot of hair styles, it's rare to find such luxurious Hair that makes you super...

    ₦ 50,000
  • Half Pixie Curls Super Double Drawn 100% Virgin Hair
    Virgin Hair

    Half Pixie curls is a luxurious curly Human Hair Weave that gives that awesome gorgeousness. Half Pixie Curls is a Super Double Drawn Hair made with 100% raw Virgin Hairs. It lasts a lifetime if well maintained. It is easy to maintain. Wet very well with water and brush. Treat with Shampoo, Leave-in Conditioner and water once a Month when dirty. It is...

    ₦ 55,000
  • Rose Wavy 100% Human Hair Lace Wig

    Hairporium's Rose Wavy Wig is 100% Human Hair Lace Wig. It is a quality and it is a very affordable Lace Wig. Rose Wavy Wig is easy to maintain and last long. It is very lovely Wig. Hairporium is a trusted Brand that's known in Nigeria and around the World for quality Human Hairs. It is made to fit all heads Hair Type: 100% Human Hair  Easy to maintain...

    ₦ 50,000 ₦ 60,000 -₦ 10,000
  • Russian Bounce Double Drawn Human Hair Bundles
    Virgin Hair

    If you love curls that bounce and want a glamorous hairstyle then look no more. Our Russian Bounce Super Double Drawn Human Hair is perfect for you! This luxurious Hair features a great shine, awesome texture and deep bouncy curls. Best of all, this bundle is made from 100% virgin human hair so it's totally safe to use. Get yours today and change the way...

    ₦ 55,000
  • Pixie Curls Frontal - Pixie Frontal
    Virgin Hair

    Pixie Curls Frontal is a Double Drawn Frontal and it is suitable for most curly hairs like Pixie Curls, Diamond Curls, and Pissy Curls, etc. Pixie Frontal is 100% Human hair Frontal with illusion hairs which makes it look natural when fixed. The Pixie Curls Frontal knots are bleached to match your scalp and blend in naturally. These Frontal closures last...

    ₦ 50,000 ₦ 55,000 -₦ 5,000
  • Sassy Curls Super Double Drawn 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair...
    Virgin Hair

    If you want that wow look, then get our Sassy Curls extension. Sassy Curls Super Double Drawn 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair is made with 100% highest grade Human Hairs. The Hair has a super rich texture and shine. It lasts a lifetime. The Sassy Curls is very easy to maintain. It does not shed, does not tangle and has no smell. Sassy Curls comes in 200g...

    ₦ 45,000 ₦ 55,000 -₦ 10,000
  • Rosy Body Wave Human Hair Lace Wig

    Rosy Body Wave Human Hair Lace Wig. It's 100% Human Hair Lace Wig. Hair Type: 100% Human Hair  Esau to maintain  Hair Style: Wavy Hair It lasts for a very long time  Does not tangle No shedding  No smell 100% quality guaranteed

    ₦ 55,000 ₦ 65,000 -₦ 10,000
  • Funmi Bouncy Curl Extension
    Virgin Hair

    Funmi Bouncy Curl Hair Extension is a premium virgin Human Hair. It is a lovely Funmi Curls. The Hair is 100% authentic. It is a classy hair that set you apart from the crowd. This luxury Virgin hair has super rich texture and lustre. It does not tangle nor shed and has no smell. It last a lifetime. It comes in 2 bundles containin 3 smaller bundles each...

    ₦ 55,000