Bone Straight Hair - The Best Human Hair Extension or Wig For Any Woman, How and Where To Buy One

Bone Straight Hair - The Best Human Hair Extension or Wig For Any Woman, How and Where To Buy One

We see stunning human hairs everywhere we look online, including the trending Bone Straight Hair. This type of human hair can be costly. Because they are expensive, you don't want to waste your money by buying straight bone hair from just any Seller. It is therefore wise to buy Bone Straight Wig and Extension from a reliable and trusted Seller like Hairporium. Hairporium (formerly Humanhairnigeria) is trusted Brand within Nigeria and Internationally for authentic Human Hair products since 2014.

Bone straight hair is a type of natural straight hair that is very unique in its look and flow. But you need to know that bone straight hair and natural human hair have some differences. Bone straight hair is thin and perfect straight hair with sleek look. The hair is so natural and is tightly knotted. It's elegant and calm and draws attention to every movement.

Bone Straight Hair - A Trending Hair Fashion

Bone straight hair is easy to style and feels flat. However, it cannot be curled. Because of its straightness, we call it bone straight. It doesn't require a bending machine, a longing machine or a curler. However, it is difficult to curl straight bone hair.

The hair feels flat and smooth from top to bottom.

Before You Buy

When buying Bone Straight Wig or Extension, you may choose a natural or any colour you desire.

If you have a limited budget, you can just get a natural colour which you can dye should you want to change the colour. That's why we recommend neutral and simple colors.

When you decide to buy your desired bone straight hair, do some Research. You need to be aware of trusted Sellers like Hairporium to get the best quality Bone Straight Wig or Extension to avoid getting fake hair or scammed by dubious Sellers.

Bone straight hair is an investment in itself and can elevate your style and reputation. If you would like to get another human hair, check out . Follow these tips to care for human hair weaves, and you will be fine.


Types Of Bone Straight Hair

Single Drawn Bone Straight Hair

This quality has 60% long hairstrands, and the remainder is short. The hair is thick at the ends and very thin at the top. This type of hair is also the most affordable type of Bone Straight.

Double Drawn Bone Straight Hair:

This hair quality has 80% long hair strands, and the remainder is short. The density is equal from the top to the end, and the length of the tail hair is identical. This is more expensive than the Single Drawn.

Super Double Drawn Bone Straight Hair: 

This has 90-100% long hair strands, and nearly all strands are the same length. This hair is the fullest, thickest and most luxurious. It is more expensive that the Double Drawn.

Grades of Bone Straight Hair

This could be confusing if you may have known or heard about different grades of Human Hair. However, Bone Straight Hairs are not actually graded. This is because most of these Hairs are natural Vietnamese Hairs though their look may have been enhanced by the application of special products by the Supplier. One major difference that stands out is their fullness or thickness which is differentiated by Single Drawn, Double Drawn, Super Double Drawn, e.t.c. So, be careful that some dubious Vendors do not rip you off by giving the Hair high grades and thereby selling it to you at a very high price. It's best to ask questions that make you feel more competent and then gauge their reactions. Then, you can't say that we didn't do anything for you

Pros of Bone Straight Hairs

Protect your natural hair strands with this product. You don't need to heat your hair. There are many hair extension retailers on the market. You should choose a trustworthy one before you buy hair.


You can wear your bone straight hair in a variety of ways either as just straight style, a ponytail or tuck it under your chin. You will be a magnet for admiring glances and attention from others. 

Increases Your Hair Length and Volume

This is an excellent option for people with thin hair. Flat ironing your hair will not only straighten it but also make it look more natural.


Bone Straight Hair like other authentic 100% Human Hairs is very durable. Because it is a type of natural Hair, it can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. So, how long your Bone Straight is very dependent on your maintenance routine.

Natural Colour

Bone Straight Hair is unique because it has a natural color unlike other types of straight hair. The majority of donor hair is lighter shades of black than deep jet black. This natural color is called Color 1b, or off-black by vendors. Color 2 is a lighter shade of black.

Coloring and Bleaching

This type of Human Hair is excellent for bleaching and coloring. This hair type is capable of bleaching or coloring, but we strongly recommend that you have it done professionally using high-quality coloring materials. This straight hair comes from another person, so it is exactly like yours. If taken care of properly, it will last longer. This hair is missing vital nutrients after it was cut from its donor.

Hair Smell

Bone Straight has a natural scent when it arrives. It is from another person just like you. It isn't scented with synthetic chemicals like many other hair types.

Healthy Cuticles

Bone Straight Hair is collected from a hair donor. It has never been chemically  processed. The cuticles of the hair are often intact and aligned naturally in the same direction. This reduces the chance of matting or tangling.

Less Grey Hairs

This hair do not contain many grey hairs like some other types of Hairs. This may be one of the reason the Hair has a very beautiful look since there are few or no grey hairs in it.


Although straight hair types are well-known for their softness, Bone Straight Hair is known for its perfect straightness and stunning look. Because it blends well with all hair types, it is a popular choice for many women. It doesn't tangle and flows freely so you don't have to spend as much time combing or brushing. 

How To Care For Bone Straight Hair

It is important you know some tips and tricks about hair care to help you maintain it. It would be painful to ruin a gorgeous and costly weave by using poor care. Instead, don't forget to style it with a high-quality hair products, so your hair can match the look.

If your Hair has any dirt or residue after being used, wash it first. Then, let the hair dry naturally or at a low heat setting. To remove all knots and tangles, gently brush the weave bottom-up.

Divide your hair into equal sections. Leave a section of hair and secure the rest with hair clips. When you straighten your hair, make sure that the rest of the hair is out of the way.

Spray styling protectant on a section of hair. The comb should be placed at the top of your area. Slowly move the straightener down while simultaneously moving the comb. Continue doing this until your hair is dehydrated. Continue working until you reach the end.

Continue the process with all hair sections until you are satisfied. Depending on the size and type of your styling machine, you can achieve large or small hairpieces.

Lay the hair on your head or a wig stand. Then, before you start styling, spray a protective product on your weave.