The Perfect Styling Techniques for Your Indian Virgin Hair

The Perfect Styling Techniques for Your Indian Virgin Hair

Indian hair just like the name clearly shows comes from India. There are two forms of Indian hair that can be purchased. The Indian Remy hair which has been processed to modify the hair colour and  texture. The other is the Indian virgin hair which is unprocessed and comes in a natural texture and colour. Indian hair is thick and straight. The hair dries wavy. Indian hair comes in very dark colours. Indian hair is suitable for straight shiny styles. It is quite easy to straighten Indian hair as it is thick and coarse. One very lovely attribute of Indian hair is its extra long lengths, but not recommendable if you require hair with body or bounce.

An advantage of Indian virgin hair is that it can be styled and processed just like the natural hair, but that can’t be guaranteed for any hair that has been chemically altered after purchase. Indian hair being a naturally straight hair will probably not hold curls as long as the Brazilian hairPeruvian hairMalaysian hair or the Russian hair. To get an instant curl to your Indian hair, pat the hair with a towel. While the hair is still quite damp you could braid the hair into one loose large braid at the back of the neck, two pigtail braids, a ponytail, pin curl or wrap. You could do this just before going to bed and then undo in the morning, the curls would definitely last you throughout the day.

One can also employ the use of foam curlers just before heading out,they are quite handy and give you an instant effect but may not last as long as using a curling iron. When choosing hair styles your hairstylist has to consider the shape of your face, event, and height. A short person shouldn’t have too much hair as that might make the individual appear shorter, so also a pulled back hair with a bun would look superb with an oval face.

The secret to having the perfect hair style is to know what fits you best, don’t just go with the crowd at the same time try something new but maintain balance.

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