Human Hair Styles : 11 Trending Human Hairstyles in Nigeria in 2020

Human Hair Styles : 11 Trending Human Hairstyles in Nigeria in 2020

11 Trending Human Hairstyles in Nigeria in 2020

What will the trending human hairstyles be in Nigeria for 2020? Nigerian women like women everywhere are looking to embrace new styles that are bold and edgy that will allow them to transcend the human hair wig and extension world without having to sacrifice their natural kinks, coils,and curls.

Hairstyles much like fashion are ever changing, and it is not likely that Nigerian women will be left behind in the evolution of human hair styling practices. 

Here is a look at 11 trending human hairstyles Ladies will rock in Nigeria in 2020.

1. Bob Wigs with Bangs

Long, sleek bob wigs with wispy bangs as seen here will transcend the market in 2020. Bangs are bold with a mysterious edge and give Bobs like this one an additional dimension of style that is appropriate in any setting.

2. Colored Human Hair Wigs and Extensions

Colored Human Hair trend is huge right now all over the world. The brighter, the bolder it is for some women. Season and occasion are both currently driving the color of choice, and for Nigerian women, the options will be limitless.

3. 360 Frontrals and Top Knots

360 frontals Wigs or 360 Full Closure Wigs and Styles are giving wignistas and extension enthusiast the opportunity to rock a classy top knot or a high and tight ponytail. This look is not only fashionable but an excellent way to give you a break from the heat. Top knots are chic for any occasion.

4. Deep Parts

Deep parts and smooth baby hair is another trend to keep an eye out for in trends. Nigerian are no different than other women of color around the world. They  areembracing the versatility of their lace front, and closures have to offer for not only voluminous, bountiful curls but sleek straight looks.

5. Human Hair Closures: Long, Sleek Bobs and Middle Parts

Lace fronts are fan-favorites because you can part your hair wherever you choose, but some women continue to appreciate the realness a standard closure can deliver to a style as seen here.

6. Blend of Natural and Human Hair Styles

Even when rocking your favorite bundle of extensions and lace front, the taste for a natural style that allows for a display of pride in your natural origins (like braids) will never be out of mind or out of site for Nigerian women. Braids continue to be the accessory that completes the look.

7. Curls and Waves

No girl can turn down a wavy human hair wig or extensions. This hair is trendy and gives a feeling of being carefree.

8. Bold or Kim K Closure Style

Kim K Closures and Frontals with deep midline parts will continue to rule around the world as a standard go-to style, and for Nigerian women, it is not going to be any different.

9. Human Hair with Length

Nigerian women are continuing to embrace the power they feel while wearing their human hair extensions and long wigs. This hair is transforming in nature and offers a versatility that Nigerian women will continue to love.

10. Short Bobs

Nigerian women who choose to wear a bob this year will look for small options that allow them to give this hair a modest adjustment in style without compromising the design of this hair itself such as a deep side part, blunt cut and baby hairs.

11. Volume and Hair Envy

Like other women all over the world, Nigerian women will be clamouring for virgin hair extensions that deliver vibrancy, length, and volume.

These are just a few of the latest human hair trends in Nigeria. Several of these looks are easy to replicate independently or with the help of your stylist. Once you are successful in adopting these looks, don’t forget to take good care of your extensions and wigs.  Detangle frequently and be careful not to use too many products on this hair!

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