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Common Human Hair Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Human Hair Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Protecting your human hair wigs and extensions from harm and prolonging their life expectancy is a top priority among extension enthusiasts and wignistas alike.

Caring for Human Hair Extensions and Wigs: Common Human Hair Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Protecting your human hair wigs and extensions from harm and prolonging their life expectancy is a top priority among extension enthusiasts and wignistas alike. We are all human, and at the end of the day, there is always a chance that you will probably make a mistake in the approach you choose to take in practicing a human hair maintenance regimen.

Here are a few common human hair care mistakes that women often make and how to avoid them. Let’s face it; most of us live in the here and now. Our focus revolves around achieving a “popping” style that reflects our sense of fashion and personality. When it comes to our human hair, we are not necessarily thinking about whether or not a hair product will preserve the lifespan of the hair. Instead, we are thinking more along the lines of whether or not this hair care product will deliver the sleek hairstyle we are striving to achieve. Getting the most out of your hair bundles and Wigs will require you to give a fair share of tender, loving care and stick with a human hair maintenance schedule.

Below are common hair maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them:

Excessive Use of Hair Care Products

The ability to perfect a fabulous hairdo or rock a close cut pixie that looks authentic may require the use of a few products to give you the style you are trying to achieve. However, keep in mind that your human hair may not necessarily require as much product as you might think to sustain the style. One of the biggest mistakes we make in caring for our human hair is using far too many products for our hairstyles of choice.

Remember that a little bit of product can go a long way. The more product you use, the higher the likelihood that you will have to wash the hair to remove excess product build-up. Too many washes can degrade or weaken your hair leaving it to look dull and drastically shortening the hair’s lifespan.

Failure to Adopt a Detangling Regimen

Fellow human hair extension enthusiasts and wignistas –do not forget to detangle your hair! We are all guilty of haphazardly running a brush or detangling comb through our extensions or wigs to get by, but we cannot continue to be so careless with these tresses.

You should aim to detangle your hair extensions or wig in the morning, mid-day and again in the evening. You want to keep those tangles away because tangles can eventually lead to knots which can subsequently contribute to split ends or damage to the hair.

Heat Addictions

Are you addicted to your flat iron or curling wand? Take care to ration your use of heat on your hair and if you must use heat on your extensions or wig, try to keep the heat setting low. Extreme heat settings can erode the structure of your hair over time, stealing its vibrancy and reducing its lifespan.

Bad Bedtime Rituals

Are you guilty of not protecting your hair at night? Bedtime hair extension care and wig maintenance are just as critical as early morning human hair care. You have two primary goals at bedtime: get rid of existing tangles and prevent new ones from occurring.

If you are wearing clip ins, take them out at night. Remove your wig and put it on the wig head or stand. Always take the time to detangle these pieces. Leaving either of these things on can create an avenue for nasty tangles or even damage to your natural hair.

If your hair extensions are not removable, take precautions to prevent those pesky tangles from taking hold. Your options for securing your hair at night vary and may coincide with or will allow you to sleep comfortably without tangling your hair.

For straight, loose curl or wavy hair, braid your hair into a straight or single plait. For curly hair, you might consider donning a sating or silk cap to keep this hair from encountering any friction.

Improper Washing and Drying Techniques

Finally, avoid the mistake of improperly washing and drying your hair. Choose shampoos and conditioners that are moisture-rich that will help your human hair extensions and wigs to maintain hair hydration and sustain hair elasticity.

When drying your hair NEVER RUB this hair. Instead, always pat your wig or hair extensions dry. You never want to create friction as this can upset the structure of the hair, generate frizz and create tangles.  Allow your hair to dry and do not attempt to install or wear it while it is wet. Wet hair can sometimes lead to mildew and leave a stench.

In summary, your goal should be to learn from your mistakes and that of others who have come before you as hair extension enthusiasts and wignistas. If you are to extend the lifespan of your favorite wig or extensions, you will need to adopt hair care practices that support this goal. Try to avoid rushing through hair care practices and storage techniques. This effort will enable you to have hair that always looks vibrant and healthy.