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10 Tips to Help Care for Your Human Hair Extensions and Wigs in 2023

10 Tips to Help Care for Your Human Hair Extensions and Wigs in 2023

What are you doing to keep your hair extensions and wigs looking fresh all day in 2023? Well, the results are in, and wignistas and hair extension enthusiasts alike have identified several tips as relates to caring for and maintaining their Hairs looking like new and ready to wear.

10 Tips to Help Care for your Human Hair Extensions and Wigs in 2023

What are you doing to keep your hair extensions and human wigs looking fresh all day in 2020? Well, the results are in,and wignistas and hair extension enthusiasts alike have identified several tips as relates to caring for and maintaining their Hair looking like new and ready to wear.

If you are on the look out for a few basic tips to help you keep your wigs and extensions looking fresh and fabulous, we have ten tips to get you started.

Here are ten tips to help you care for human hair and wigs in 2020 and every other year.

1. Try Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos emerged during the 1960s but in recent years have regained popularity due in part to wignistas and naturlistas everywhere testifying to the positive results of using this versatile product for styling their Hairs. Dry shampoos are an excellent alternative for you if seeking to remove the excess product or oil buildup without having to undergo a natural shampoo and conditioner process. Dry shampoos help to extend the time between washes and can help to maintain the quality of your human hair wigs and extensions.

2. Air Dry Please

Attention Wignistas: air dry your wigs! Try to avoid using hair dryers on your wig. Hot hair can damage your hair no matter if it is human hair or a heat-friendly synthetic blend of hair. When towel drying, try to use a microfiber towel that will not tug on the strands and avoid rubbing your wig or hair extensions. Pat the hair gently and do what you can to not pull on it.

3. Watch Your Detangling Technique

If you are wearing a curly wig or curly hair extensions, use your fingers to detangle this hair. For straight or wavy hair, use a soft bristle brush. Always start with the ends of your hair and slowly work your way back towards the root –being careful not actually to manipulate the hair closest to this region.

4. Use a Paddle Brush for Volume

Want to give your wig or extensions a bit of volume, invest in a paddle brush. This styling tool is an excellent way to bestow a bit of volume without having to apply heat to your tresses.

5. Invest in a Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are a must have for wig care. Leave-in conditioners enable you to hydrate your hair weekly or more frequently. They are an excellent, natural heat protectant for those who cannot live without heat as a component of their daily styling ritual.

6. Don’t Cheat Your Natural Hair

When wearing a wig or hair extensions, don’t cheat your scalp or natural kinks, coils, and curls of your attention. It’s easy to focus on the hair that will face the public and sacrifice your natural locks. Take action to ensure your scalp is clean and free of excess oil, dirt or debris. An unhealthy scalp can experience redness, irritation, inflammation –and yes, a nasty infection if you neglect it. If your scalp suffers, the health of your hair will as well.

7. Wear Your Wig a Little Less Often

Want to do your wig a huge favor? Wear it a little less often. Wearing the same wig day in and day out is like putting on your favorite t-shirt everyday of the week. With time, the shirt will begin to fray, fade and won’t look as good as the day you bought it. Your wig works similarly. Too much exposure to the sun, hair styling manipulations,and products can drastically shorten the lifespan of your hair.

8. Do Not Sleep In Your Wig

Sure, your wig may look good but do what you can to avoid sleeping in it. Your scalp needs to breathe, and secondly, you don’t want this hair to tangle.

9. Visit a Professional for Wig Styling Options

We get it. There’s nothing like having the bragging rights for your fabulous new style. The ability to claim the lay of your baby hairs or bounce in your curls is a beautiful feeling, but on occasion, you might consider taking advantage of the services of a professional –particularly if you decide to repurpose your long wig and give it a short cut. A professional stylist can help save you from making a huge mistake in your technique or might even be able to provide you with a few creative options to choose from for styling your wig.

10. Cover It Up

Take the time to properly store your wig or extensions when you are not wearing it. A mannequin, wig stand or hook are all great options to store your wig in an upright position to preserve its shape. If all else fails, replace the wig in its original package. Your goal is to keep this hair safe from dust.

For hair extensions, hold onto those original boxes ladies. You will want to use these to keep those extensions healthy and looking like new.

These are just ten tips that experts and amateurs alike are talking about all over social media. Practice these tips, and you are sure to witness positive results.