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Bone Straight Hair: The Ultimate Hair For A Stunning Look For Every Woman

Bone Straight Hair: The Ultimate Hair For A Stunning Look For Every Woman

You must have heard the term "Bone Straight Hair" a lot even if you are not a hair lover, beauty lover or a hair dealer. Almost all women love Bone Straight Wig and Extension. While preference for many hair styles can change quite fast, Bone Straight Hair will be in trend for a long time because of its uniqueness.

You must have heard the term "Bone Straight Hair" a lot even if you are not a hair lover, beauty lover or a hair dealer. Almost all women love Bone Straight Wigs and Extensions. While preference for many hair styles can change quite fast, Bone Straight Hair has been in the trending list of hot fashion items for awhile because of its uniqueness.

What is Bone Straight Hair?

Bone Straight Hair is a thin, perfect straight human hair with a sleek look. The hair is unprocessed and has strands that are well-knotted, from the top to the bottom of the Weft. It's the perfect hairstyle for any woman who loves to command attention anywhere because of the stunning look.

Bone straight is the hair for you if you want hair that doesn't cause stress before you look super awesome. It is the right choice if you are looking for a hair that will get you the attention you want. You don't need to look far if you are looking for the perfect and fabulous hairstyle, just buy a bone straight hair. 

Why You Should Buy A Bone Straight Hair

We discussed below some of the benefits you get when you buy Bone Straight Wig or Extension.

1. Elegant Look

Bone straight Hair helps you make a statement that you are not an ordinary lady. It is the best product with breathtaking sleekness for that elegant look. In fact, it is a Hair with an attitude. This type Hair is very noticeable anywhere it is worn.

2Boost Your Image and Confidence

Like we said earlier, this Hair helps makes a statement thereby boosting your image. Is there anywhere or occasion you want to go but you don’t feel confident enough? Then get a bone straight and get that confidence to wow all eyes anywhere you step into.

3. Easy To Style

Bone straight hair is much easier to style than naturally straight hair. It means that you will spend less time combing and brushing. Because the strands of hair are firm and free from tangles, they don't get tangled. However, this feature does have a drawback. Bone straight hair is not flexible.

4. Silky and Shiny Hair 

Bone straight hair is easy to recognize if you don't mind the fact, it's straight.

These are often very straight and silky. These are shorter than naturally straight hair, and it doesn't seem as full as its natural counterpart.

5. Can Easily Be Dyed

Bone Straight Extensions and Wigs are easy to dye. They can easily be dyed or colored and come out fabulous when dyed. It is also available off-the-shelf in a lot of amazing colours, you may be spoilt for choice and may not even need to dye one by yourself. 

6. It Is Easy To Care For

It is easy to care for this hair. Because of the features mentioned above, hair care is easy and stress-free. But don't curl your hair or change up the style. These aren't appropriate for this type of hair.

Differences Between Bone Straight Hair And Natural Straight Hair

Both Bone Straight and Natural Straight are 100% Human Hairs but share few differences.

 1. Natural straight has a natural texture while Bone straight has a firm and silky texture .

2. The Bone straight hair is straighter than the Natural Straight.

3.  Bone Straight is made so straight by steam, heat, and a special herbal while natural straight isn’t.

4.  Bone Straight does not turn somewhat wavy like natural straight after  using for awhile.

How to maintain bone straight hair the right way

Sometimes, hair may not arrive in the same texture as the videos or photos due to packaging, long shipping time and handling. So, how can you keep your hair healthy for a long period? Let's see how we can do it.

 When opening the package, shake it. The texture of bone straight hair Wig or Extension may appear sloppy from shipping. The hair strands can be restored to their original form by opening the box and shaking the bundles. Sometimes the hair has been rolled before being packed for shipping. You will need to straighten the hair again after unpacking it.

 1- Use the hair straightener 

While iron can come in handy in straightening your hair fast, it is not actually the best most times. It is important to understand that iron is strictly made to be used for clothes and fabrics, while hair extensions bundles require specific tools such as a straightener. The hair straightener must have a special surface with coconut oil and keratin to reduce color fading and dry hair.

While an iron for hair can be a great choice for some people. An iron can be used for all types of fabrics, including delicate ones such as polyester and requiring high temperatures like cotton or wood. It has a wattage of around 1200W. Human hair is more delicate than fabrics and requires a gentler treatment. To keep your hair silky and shiny, don't iron it. You will damage the keratin layer and fade colors. Instead, let's choose a hair straightener with a wattage of 20W to 60W. This is the one you can use at your home. 

Customers may use the iron to straighten their hair. They might see the image below and wonder if it is made with silicone or synthetic hair. The truth is that all of the nutrition and keratin layers applied to the hair are destroyed by rough handling.

2. Do you know how to properly comb your hair to maintain a silky straight look all the time?

Bone Straight Wig or Extension can get tangled when you wake up or let it flow in the wind. This is normal for hair extensions and real hair. It is important to brush your hair, but we need to do it correctly. Let's start with the tail if you have long hair. This is where there are many tangles. Next, you can begin to comb the top. Hair experts always recommend that you apply nutrition before you brush your hair. For example, you might use coconut oil or keratin as a luxurious ingredient for hair extension.

3. Washing

Do you need to wash your hair extensions or Wigs? Yes, this is because real human hair is natural hair afterall. Let's look at the possible reasons to wash your real human hair.

1. It is possible for your Hair to become dry due to effects of weather

2. Dust in the air or oil build-up can cause hair to become greasy or dirty.

3. Your Hair may get tangled when using.

Therefore, to maintain your hair's straightness and sleek look, wash your hair often as desired and use a good hair conditioner.