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Top 10 Human Hair Trends In Nigeria In 2020

Top 10 Human Hair Trends In Nigeria In 2020

Whether you are doing your Hair for the office, a night out, an event or a trip to the food store, these Hair trends in 2020 will allow you to continue to wear your hairstyles that are versatile and adaptable for any environment. Here are the Top 10 Human Hair trends that women will rock in 2020 in Nigeria and the World over.

Top 10 Human Hair Trends in Nigeria In 2020

Human Hair Trends in Nigeria in 2020 will continue to embrace hairstyles that are similar to the trends of the last decade. There are some hairstyles we simply cannot allow to fade away into the history of hair fashions. Whether you are doing your Hair for the office, a night out, an event or a trip to the food store, the Hair trends for 2020 will allow you to continue to wear hairstyles that are versatile and adaptable tfor any environment. Here are the Top 10 Human Hair trends that women will continue to wear in 2020.

1. Curls and Waves

2020 Human hair trends will continue to be all about the curls and waves. Volume, vibrancy, and definition will continue to reign in 2020. This human hair is an ode to natural curls and texture, and 2020 will not be different.

2. Human Hair Bobs


Bobs are back, and they won’t be leaving us in 2020. As seen with this 10-inch bob, this style is versatile and trendy. You can purchase a human hair wig that already embodies this style, or you can install extensions or purchase a longer wig in which you or your stylist may shape it into the bob style that delivers the look you are aiming to rock.

3. Human Hair: Volume, Length, and Natural Roots

Human hair wigs and extensions with natural roots will gain popularity in 2020. This hair may create a bit of hair envy amongst your friends for those who can pull it off. You will have to be vigilant in your hair extension and wig care practices to protect this hair from acquiring knots or getting tangled.

4. Human Hair Wigs: Medium Curls

Bountiful and soft medium curls will continue to be a staple in the human hair wig top ten picks among wignistas. To keep your curls looking fresh, you will want to keep this hair protected at night. You will have to keep an eye for frizz and tangles as curly hairs have an even high risk for these two events happening compared to your straighter wig varieties. You will have to step your detangling regimen up a few notches.

Remember to detadngle this hair using your fingers and not a comb or brush. Use your fingers to give these curls definition and to help them retain their shape.

5. Straight and Sassy Clip Ins

In 2020, clip in extensions will continue to grow in the market of human hair extensions.  Clip in hair extensions offers a myriad of benefits for those seeking to wear these hair pieces. Clip-ins are a fantastic way to naturally add volume and length to your hair in a fraction of the time it takes to sew in hair.

6. Lace Fronts: Braids and Natural Parts

The path to the perfect lace front style that embraces elements of natural styles like braids and twists will continue to grow in 2020. More and more women love natural styles and for those who may not be able to wear them naturally, the incorporation of a braid here and there will carve an avenue to the perfect marriage of virgin hair and natural origins.

7. Human Hair Wigs: Blonde Ambition

Chocolate skin and shades of blonde will set the world of human hair and wig fashion on fire. Blonde hair no longer resides with a pre-selected set of skin hues. 2020 will challenge us to re-think who it is we believe should rock bright shades of hair colors.

8. Ombres and Balayage

Ombres and balayage will continue to capture our attention in 2020. These colors and patterns are gag-worthy and thus, 2020 will be all about your ability to perfect this look.

9. Bangs, Body and Blunt Cuts

Bangs ruled in previous years, and they are not quite ready to exit the scene in 2020 just yet. You will have the option to style your wig or weavon in a way that celebrates bangs without ever touching your natural hair. The good news is that bangs are versatile which means there is no one way you have to shape your bangs –choppy, wispy, blunt cuts or curtains, your options are endless.

10. Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie cuts Hair Styles are one of those hairstyles that are not likely to fade into oblivion in 2020. Although pixie cuts have the power to deliver a soft or edgy look depending on your hair goals, some of us are not looking to chop our tresses too soon. Why not invest in a good pixie wig or extension? Want to amp this style up? You can just add color.