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Human Hair: The Differences Between Virgin Hair, Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair

Human Hair: The Differences Between Virgin Hair, Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair

Virgin human hair, Remy human hair, Non-remy  hair, Virgin Brazilian human hair, Virgin malaysian human hair, the list of possible names goes on and on. You begin to wonder if there are actual differences or they are just names given based on origin. Find out what are the differences.
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Virgin human hair, Remy human hair, Non-remy human hair, Virgin Brazilian human hair, Virgin malaysian human hair, the list of possible names goes on and on. You begin to get confused what actual differences are or if they are just names given based on origin or just names given to the Hair just as the particular seller wish. An obvious difference between the Virgin Human Hair and the Remy human hair may not necessary be in their texture and look. Most times, it is difficult to differentiate between the Virgin Hair and Remy Hair by mere look and touch. Their main difference is how the particular Hair was obtained and processed. The Remy hair is usually more expensive than the non-remy hair which is the cheapest type of Hair available, and the Virgin hair is the highest quality of hair available and thus is more expensive. However, the differences between them go beyond the prices and names.

What is Virgin Human Hair?

Virgin Human Hair or simply Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically processed in even the smallest way. It is hair that is completely unprocessed and has its roots and tips running in the same direction. This is why Virgin Human Hairs are also called Unprocessed Human Hairs. They are pure Hairs obtained from the donor. Some of the criteria of a virgin hair includes: not having been coloured, bleached, dyed or even permed either in a factory or manually. This means that more work must be done in order to maintain the smooth and tangle-free nature. This kind of hair is sold in its natural texture and colour, and this explains why most virgin hairs are only available in natural colour, i.e colour 1B or natural black colour. Virgin human hair can be coloured into any shade and it is usually very expensive and in short supply. Another factor that contributes to its expensive nature is that since it is not processed, it is free of all possible harmful chemicals and it is hypoallergenic. Because Virgin hair come directly from the donor and hasn't be processed, it is bound to have some smell. Virgin hair usually refers to all unprocessed Hairs.

What is Remy Human Hair?

Remy Hair is hair that's collected directly from the donor and which has undergone minimal processing. This hair has unidirectional cuticles just like the Virgin Hair, as it is collected using a method in which all the hair strands remain in the direction in which it grew naturally. In other words, Remy Hiar is Virgin Hair that has been processed. The hair cuticles are left intact and the cuts are usually of the same length. This gives the hair a smooth feel and allows it to last longer and be more natural to style. Remy hair is processed and all hair used for a particular extension, comes from one donor. The minimal processing makes the Remy hair soft, silky, beautiful and tangle-free. This also makes it adaptable for use in lace wigs, full lace wigs, hair extensions, Weave on and closure pieces. Remy hair can be obtained in different types, including Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian and Brazilian.

What is Non-remy human hair?

This type of Human Hair is of low quality compared to the remy and virgin types. This kind of hair is usually very cheap which explains why it is the most affordable human hair in Nigeria. Most packed human hair extensions are non-remy hair but most time the Chinese who manufacture these products brand them 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair and all sorts of enticing names to get people to buy them. They are left over hairs that are in most cases gathered from the floors of temples and salons and then recycled to make hair extensions. In some cases, some are purely fibres or partly fibres mixed with few Human Hair to make extensions and Wigs. The hair cuticles are facing different directions. That said, some non-remy hairs have amazing quality that will rival the Virgin and Remy types and will not shed nor tangle. They will give you great value for your money as they are usually not expensive.

So, when next you want to buy human hair online from a website, instagram, facebook or you visit a human hair store, bear these differences in mind and know exactly what it is that you will be buying.