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How To Maintain Your Human Hair Weaves And Wigs

How To Maintain Your Human Hair Weaves And Wigs

In order to maximise your hair style whether straight, curly or wavy hair, here are tips that will come in handy
Wear your hair confidently. Do not fidget with it, even if it is a style you have never tried.
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In order to maximise your Human Hair whether straight, curly or wavy hair, here are some tips that will help you maintain them.

  • Wear your hair confidently. Do not fidget with it, even if it is a style you have never tried.
  • Invest in the right hair care products for your kind of human hair.
  • Do not make the hair look too shiny, as this will make it look cheap and unnatural. Take down the shine by spraying a little powder on the hair.
  • Be daring. Use human hair wigs or extensions that are of a different colour from your usual hair colour.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before doing anything to your human hair extensions or human hair wigs

The slogan still remains; “take care of your hair, keep it shinning”. There is nothing so unattractive than a matted hair. Those who have made use of weaves would relate well. In order to combat the hair tangling, you keep combing constantly which takes a whole lot of your time.

There are simpler approaches to taking care of hair and prevent it from tangling or shedding. These proven steps to take care of your human hair are not time consuming at all. Follow these steps and keep your Funmi hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian and other hair products you might be purchasing from our human hair store in Nigeria.


You can visit our online human hair store in Nigeria and browse through the wide range collections of human hair products namely: Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Funmi Hair and other related types. There is no cutting corners in life; you do good, you get good. This same theory translate to your beauty life, if you get the random badly fashioned hair products, you will get gaudy appearance after few days of installation. Cheap hair products do not connote bad quality or otherwise, it all depends on your source. I will rather you get your Human Hair extension or Wig from reputable hair products stores in Nigeria like HumanHairNigeria where the best would be given to you. It will be quite awful to buy an expensive hair, spend so much on installation and end up having your hair last only a night. The bottom line is to get good quality Funmi hair once and for all and style it whichever way you desire.


Whether you are going for the sew-in, clipping or glue method; the most important thing is to get it done in the best way right from the start. You must make sure you are employing a stylist who knows his/her onions. This is a proactive approach to keep your Funmi hair or any other Virgin Human Hair in shape throughout the carrying period. Traces of glue along hairline, seamy blending will spell tangling for your poorly done installation.


Whether you have decided to subscribe to Funmi, Peruvian, Malaysian hair, they all require constant maintenance just like you would constantly take care of your natural hair. There are a number of human hair care products to employ to keep your hair constantly moisturized to prevent breakage. Remember to feed your hair while you are feeding your stomach.

Taking care your Virgin hair is key to lasting hair installation!